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The start of another year.

Happy belated new year to all our fans and customers! If you don’t have a new year’s resolution, worry not, we have one for you! Everyone hates keeping up with passwords, but it doesn’t have to be hard. The best way to keep from losing passwords is to WRITE THEM DOWN! The important distinction is the “writing” part. Remember, NEVER KEEP PASSWORDS IN A DOCUMENT ON YOUR COMPUTER, the same goes for your phone. It is very easy for an attacker to browse your computer for documents containing passwords and you may never know your information has been compromised. The safest way to keep passwords away from prying eyes, is to write them down on a sheet of paper. Try to only keep one password list and try to store it in the same location every time so you don’t misplace it. Also, be sure to add the date to your entries. This lets you see when you last changed a password, and helps you know what passwords have already been used. A few more general rules for passwords you can try to follow are:

  1. Try to avoid using complete words as these can be guessed more easily than non-words. (e.g. HikeMountains is much less secure than HkeMontains)

  2. Add symbols or numbers in the middle rather than at the beginning or end. (e.g. HikeMountains2010 is much less secure than Hike?2010Mountains)

  3. Try to use a password that is impersonal. Meaning, not your favorite hobby, not your dog’s name, and not the date you were born; information like this can easily be found out using social media.

  4. Try to combine the above rules and remember to write the password down.

As always we are here to help with any questions you may have and we look forward to offering you our services in the new year!

#Security #Password #Safety #tips

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