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Founded in 1999, John's Computer service was started with the customer in mind. After talking with with friends and family, one common compliant was that when they had an issue with technology, they were lost as to a resolution. Furthermore, when they took their equipment in for repair or diagnostic, they were meant with complicated explanations and options for repair they just didn't' understand.  John's Computers was founded to combat this problem.


We were founded on the idea that technology should work for you, not the other way around. When problems do arise, we want you to understand exactly what is happening and your options for a resolution. We will explain as best we can in simple to understand terms exactly is what is happening. Alternately, if you really just want the problem fixed without the explanations we can do that as well; just let us know. 

With that said, we not only service but sell new  and used equipment. 


We service individual as well as small business customers. Our technicians can repair or troubleshoot virutally all models including Dell, HP, Compaq, and all other brands of windows computers. 

If you happen to be using an Apple computer, or running a distribution of Linux, or Android  we have you covered as well. By offering on site, and in office repairs, we make your experience convenient, efficient, and timely.  Visit our Services page to find out more.


We are an authorized re seller for Dell. We offer free quotes on new and used Dell Computers. By asking you what you want and need on your new computer, you can be assured that we can give you the right computer at the right price.

Visit our Services page to find out more.

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