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Facebook isn't school, stop taking quizzes.

The internet knows enough about you already, you can stop taking tests and quizzes. Many of us see social network surveys as fun pastimes. They match us up with celebrities, or assign us a fantasy character and may seem like harmless fun. But these questionnaires are designed to gather information on a particular demographic so you often give away more information than you should. Most notable is the recent "10 Concerts" meme. Very simply, Facebook users post a list of 9 concerts they have attended, and 1 they haven't. It seems benign, until you realize many sites use "What was your first concert?" as a security question to reset passwords. Posts like these may also give away more information that isn't immediately apparent; things like age, and religion. It is best to eye all surveys with an amount of paranoia, because nearly everything on the internet is designed to gather information. You can read more here As always we are here to answer any questions you may have.

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